Social Media Marketing

What it is?

We will run your Facebook and Instagram page professionally (Twitter, Pinterest).


• SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a type of internet marketing that uses the benefits of social networks as a means to promote websites, increase traffic to them, but also to learn from the immediate reactions of users.

• SMM is based on the principle of organic search – the more active the website or its linked page on the social network and generates more traffic, the more its place on the search engine will be, ie it will be among the first search results.

• Given that 90% of users who search the Internet do not go further than the first page, and that 70% open only the first 3 results, it is clear that the position on the first page of the search is the only goal to optimize websites.

SMM aims to improve communication with customers and increase the brand’s exposure and reach to (potential) customers.

It is achieved by creating quality content that social network users will share with their friends (via electronic live word or transmission of information, ie eWoM, electronic word of mouth).

The purpose of the SMM is to directly receive feedback from users (or potential customers), and at the same time the company receives a personal stamp, ie more like a person.

Customers are given the opportunity to be heard through interactive social media options, either by asking questions or filing complaints. This side of the SMM is called Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM), which can lead to towards increasing credibility and return on investment (ROI), of course, if users are satisfied with the content, connection with the company and the service provided.