E-menu / E-drink card

What is it?

It assists the waiters job.


Menu without touch

In this segment we are the first and only to offer the following services:

• NFC (near field communication)

E-menu: with one touch, the entire offer of the catering facility you are in is available via your phone (Android or IOS), using micro NFC chips that are on the tables of the facility, creating a direct communication channel between guests and caterers (restaurants, cafes, bars). All you need to use the e-menu is your smartphone, so the menu will be available to you, and the old classic menu will not be needed at all.

With this concept we have the opportunity to win partners in the field of tourism (hotels, spa and wellness centers), shops and shopping centers. With these innovations, our partners get a larger number of satisfied consumers and a more profitable company.

This innovation provides an effective benefit to the hospitality sector. Now during Covid-19 the e-menu is safe for caterers and for guests of the catering facility. Reduces the possibility of the virus spreading. Cleaning classic menus is not feasible and time consuming.

Electronic menu for the price of one coffee We can forget the form and costs of the old menu. The printed menu is no longer in trend. Habits of the average person in a cafe / restaurant:

• arrival

• choosing table

• The person takes their mobile: The young consumer immediately starts watching social networks while sitting in a cafe / restaurant, and the older consumer reads the news. Tapping the phone has become a habit of all generations. We can turn this habit in our favor. Wouldn’t it be better to look at the menu on your phone?

• The person orders their favorite drink or dish. Chooses a drink or a dish with his habit and this way many good dishes remain unsold in restaurants. In many restaurants / cafes, waiters do not offer anything from the menu. This shortcoming can be compensated with an e-menu.

Why is an e-menu useful?

• It is difficult to find a good waiter, because there is a lack of manpower.

How can an e-menu help here?

The content can be refreshed on a daily basis, for example: daily menu, special prices, assortment of drinks. It is present at every table and can be available to the consumer with one touch. This technology is modern and provides a unique feeling for each user. It can be used by both young and old guests, because it is very simple. The e-menu will not take the job of waiters, it only offers a digital and virtual experience instead of the classic menu. The contact between the waiter and the guest still remains, only the guest reviews the menu via his smartphone and orders.

E-menu ✔️

• Modern

• It can be corrected swiftly and cheaply

• It can be rewritten, no need to wait for printing

• Swift replacement

• Brza izmena

• Interesting

• Reduces cost

• Eco-Friendly

Printed menu ❌

• Old-Fashioned

• Every replacement costs money

• Can`t be rewritten

• It takes more time to make

• Have to wait for the printing

• Casual

• Expensive

• Non eco-friendly

The market reacts positively to this innovation. They’re looking for us. In addition to the technological advantage, the e-menu also has economic significance for the owner of the catering facility, because it reduces the costs of printing a classic menu. There should not be a pile of paper with daily and weekly promotions on every table, because the e-menu provides the possibility of quick and easy changes.

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We thank Media News, RTV2 and Duna Televízió for giving us the opportunity to showcase our innovation.